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 Status of Allied Force

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PostSubject: Status of Allied Force   Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:45 pm

We got 25 Members , 1 clan neutral , 8 allied's .

First members : [COD5]Shooter[AF] / Songoku[AF] / [COD5]Lauritop[AF] / [COD5]Kobak[AF]

Last members :Y.Yoshis[LFA] / Rata_Fufu[LFA]

Last Fired : Obama / Takenaba

Last RE - Hired : Paula[AFE] / Gianny[AFE] / Victor[AFE]

Quote :
El Dia de la Fecha se a Anunciado a todas las Unidades AF que pasaran al Usar el Tag LFA por la reciente Fucion/Union que se a Hecho con Nuestros Aliados los LF/Legend
Desde Ya Muchas Gracias por Su Atencion el Owner [OCU]SonGoku[LFA]

Quote :
Day Date to be Announced in all AF units to switch to the LFA Tag Using the recent Fucion / Union to be done with our allies to the LF / Legend
Thanks in advance for your attention to the Owner [OCU] Songoku [LFA]

This topic will be updated every week.

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Status of Allied Force
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