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 About this & lag shoot tutorial.

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PostSubject: About this & lag shoot tutorial.   Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:55 pm

Here you can put all tutorials or downloads related with gta san andreas multiplayer.

I will start with the lag shot tutorial.

Watch the tutorial and It'll teach you how to lag shoot.

In any server in SAMP you always need to Lag Shoot. And it doesn't mean that the player is lagging. The enemy on your screen is not synced unlike in the real Call of Duty 4 where you can shoot with no lag shooting needed.

More tips:
1. Lag shooting depends on their Ping.

High Ping (300, etc)= More distance needed ahead of the player.
Less Ping (76, etc) = Less distance needed ahead of the player.

2. You checked your enemy's ping and it's 300. It's like you shoot 3 inches ahead of the player.

3. You can check a player's ping by pressing TAB. To scroll down and up press "Page Up" or "Page Down" on your keyboard.

4. When a player is running, you must double the distance needed ahead of the player.

5. When the player is just standing, you don't need to lag shoot.
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About this & lag shoot tutorial.
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